I’m Glad 2014 Is Ending…

So April was the last time I made a blog post on The Jon Olson Project…


I’ve got only myself to blame. With getting engaged, daily grinds online and the family life I’ve really stopped focusing on ‘me’ lately. It’s been more about everyone in my life rather than myself, which is fine but at the same time…It’s important to remember yourself and where you are heading.

No excuses tho.

2014 has had a lot of up’s and just as many down’s. I’ve been so focused on maintaining a balance, it’s actually unbalanced me as weird as that sounds. I need to get back to what I love. I love reading. I love trying to be better than I was the day before. I love my career. I love my family. And I love life.

So tonight I said I was going to make a blog post and just be thankful for all the experiences of 2014 but wow, I’m sooooooo glad it’s almost done.

I love the new year’s. It’s another 365 days to show the world what you can do (God willing).

I’m not going to promise to make blogs posts here every day, as you can see during the past two year’s I’ve done that enough and never followed through. I just wanna put thoughts on paper….



But it’s how I focus. It’s what I’m good at.

So thanks for everything 2014….I’m looking forward to meeting your baby brother 2015!

Tom Wacker Made Me Think

So I had an interesting little conversation with a good buddy of mine online named Tom Wacker. He sent me a note on Skype this afternoon and it really made me scratch my head and look at myself and how I do my ‘business’ online…

In a nutshell, this is what he said;

“Dude you have the skills and passion to really do this personal development stuff and share it with others, go for it!”

Tom is right about one thing for sure, I do have the passion for it. I’m always nose deep into some kind of development book. Reading magazines, blog posts, spending way too much time on StumbleUpon but there’s one problem and I mentioned this to Tom….

“lol you know, i’m so passionate about it…but i fight demons man…because at the end of the day, when people don’t take action on what i talk about…i wanna scream and rage…”

And there in lies the entire purpose I guess of this blog. How do I become ‘better’?

I have the passion for this stuff. I’m so intrigued by it but these demons man. People know how to troll me, others know that I’ll turn red with rage when I am attacked. It’s like I ‘know’ everything I should be doing but I can’t follow my own advice.


I dunno. It’s like you see yourself thinking one way but acting completely different. I see when I screw up. I see when I’m raging (even though I’m getting way better with that lol). I just can’t STFU at times.

I suppose again, this is the purpose of this blog…To become a better person….One day ;)

San Francisco, The Trip I Promised To My Kid

So last week was my son’s spring break and for years I’ve been promising him a trip to the Bay Area to see his favorite hockey team (The San Jose Sharks) play a home game.

I’m a slight sports junkie myself, but always let ‘life’ get in the way of this promised trip. Each year I made excuse after excuse on why I couldn’t take him until this year, I finally gave in and off we went for a 4 day, 3 night trip to the Bay Area.

It was worth every minute!

Not only did I get to geek out in Silicon Valley and see where all this ‘interwebs’ stuff comes from, my son and me got to sight see some famous landmarks and of course, rode those silly cable cars up and down the San Francisco streets. It’s always been a part of America I wanted to see, and I’m glad I got the chance.

And to share the experience with my son, such a bonus!

I hope he will remember the trip for his entire life, seeing his face light up when he saw his hockey heroes live in their home rink was something I know I will remember forever.

Guess this post is almost a lesson for myself as well…Stop waiting to live. Not only should you get out and see the world, be sure to see it with the people that matter most.

Journey’s ‘Lights’ will be on repeat for me this week…..lol

I’ve Wasted Way Too Much Time…

So I know the last blog post I made on this site was ‘It’s Been Awhile and I’ll be back…Blah blah blah’….Boy didn’t I fail at that.

But I’m about to start something up I’ve quietly been working on for the past few months. No promises, nothing completely left field but a huge change in my life…It’s personal. It’s going to get real ugly and sweaty *loL* But it’ll be worth it.

I have a reason why. A new reason why and I’ve got to get myself ready for the Summer of 2015…

A long way off maybe, but you can never start too early.

What am I starting? Stay tuned…..It’s about to get messy ;)

It’s Been A While…

So I haven’t written much on this blog for sometime…Not sure why, but I think I have a clue…I got comfortable.

When I started The Jon Olson Project my life was basically upside down. I felt like I needed to change myself for good, get rid of my demons and tackle my health issues. Well since then I’m not sure if it’s helped or hurt, but hey I get to re-read some of these posts with an open mind so I guess it all worked out…

That being said, I’m back to being comfortable. And that’s such a bad thing…

I started eating chicken again and while I never really planned on giving it up for the rest of my life, I never hit the 2 year milestone I wanted to. Still no pork or beef though, so I guess 2 outta 3 ain’t bad lol

As for my work outs, I’m addicted to this cool little app called the 7 minute work out. It’s a high intensity circuit training program that basically runs for 30 second intervals, with a 10 second rest period. I’m doing about 2-3 sets of this so my workouts are between 14 and 21 minutes…

Oh ye’ of little faith…Let’s just say I’m sweating buckets after this. Best of all, I don’t need any equipment for it. This is pretty cool and have even been getting some compliments on the ‘pecs’ ha ha ha ha

Still no Arnold, but I’m getting there…Maybe?

Anyways, that’s about it…It’s the summer so I’ve really been relaxed personally…Professionally though, my company just had the best month and the best day in the history of our business. That’s pretty cool :)

Hope you guys enjoyed my update, I’m sure I’ll whine and complain some more in a few days…Or months…

My Massive Fear of Failure

Here’s a brand new video blog post. It’s another personal one, kinda going back in time, exposing one of my biggest fears that I still hold onto to this day…

Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoyed my new post.

My ‘Reason Why’

Late breaking news: Everyone wants to make a million bucks. (I know that’s a shocking revelation!)

In my industry, people are always striving for that magic number, the million dollar a year goal. Apparently that is what makes or breaks an entrepreneur, to me that’s the obvious goal of any capitalist or for profit business. To make money. However for me, there is another reason ‘why’ I do this.

Sure I want to make a million bucks, I want to take care of my family and make sure they are set for life but after a certain level of success, I truly think you have to give more to the human race than just your tax return. For me, it’s giving all I can to charities and trying, in my own little way, to make a difference.

The problem with this though, when you hear the word charity, it evokes different emotions for everyone. Some charities are scammy to say the least. Some charities have huge operating costs with little going to the actual need. Some people’s reason for giving might be sinister. And of course there is always religious and / or political overtones. It’s a different for every charity and every person that gives to them.

So when I start talking about giving to charities, I understand the reservations people may have. However two charities have really made an impact in my life and I fully support them;


Charity Water – It’s pretty simple really. Debate anything you want, but you cannot argue the importance of clean drinking water and it’s need for human survival. A few years ago, I got together with other program owners and surfers in my industry and created TrafficExchangesCare.com which raised awareness for clean drinking water by using arguably the single best water charity on the planet, CharityWater.org. Since it’s creation, our little campaigns have raised almost $8000 for water initiatives around the globe. To say we’ve made an impact is such a cool thing, so far we’ve helped to bring clean drinking water to two villages in Ethiopia and we’re on our way to bringing more clean water to others. The traffic exchange industry rocks!

Kiva – I’m an entrepreneur! I truly, in my heart of hearts, believe in the importance of self-reliance and self-improvement. I embrace the entrepreneurial spirit and think humanity is at it’s best, when it’s trying to make itself…Better. When you build your own business, I believe you do make yourself better, by taking chances, taking ownership of your own life and not relying on a pay check. The problem is, banks don’t always loan the funds needed for folks around the world to start their businesses. Along came micro-financiang. Kiva allows you to ‘loan’ 25 bucks to business people around the world, looking to start their own business. Banks wouldn’t give them the cash, so in developing nations, micro-financing is a solution. An entrepreneur helping other entrepreneurs. I love it.

I may not be able to make the big changes guys like Bill Gates and Richard Branson do, but you know what’s funny…That’s kinda my goal. To be able to help as many folks as I can after all is said and done. I admire capitalism when it’s rooted in a ‘bigger meaning’. Yeah we all want money, sure we want our family to be taken care of for life…But once you hit a certain level, another ‘million bucks’ won’t matter to you…but it’ll mean a lot to the rest of the world.

And that’s my reason why…

I Need To Find My Ignore Button

I host a daily show called Traffic Exchange Live and have been since 2010. It’s our biggest platform and something I truly believe in. For the past year we’ve been using a service called Spreecast to host our daily seminars. It’s been awesome to say the least.

Not only is the service exactly what we need to do our show properly, their staff has been extremely supportive and a pleasure to work with since day one.

Spreecast recently brought their mobile application online and since then a lot of ‘random young people’ have had access to Traffic Exchange Live. One one hand, I should embrace this but the problem with an online application is it brings out the worst in people…Every day I’m dealing with swear words, trolling and constant attention draining comments. I seem to spend more time banning the random keyboard warriors than hosting my show.

This is my fault!

I am sitting here preaching about energy vampires and how to focus on what you do every day to improve yourself and here I am letting a 13 year old kid ruin my daily show. Wow. I really need to find my ignore button.

I completely salute Spreecast and think their staff and service are the best on the net. Their need to grow is very important and their mobile app is awesome. They will have a very bright future.

This truly comes down to me and my need to learn to ignore energy vampires and keep on, keeping on.

This has been a huge battle for me and something I need to work on.

Reflections On My 35th Year

So today is my birthday.

The second half of my 30’s is well on it’s way…

The past year of Jonathan Gerald Riggs Olson’s existence was filled with a lot…

The loss of family. Loss of friends. Shoulda-Coulda’s. Failures.

But also…A lot of personal growth. Joy. Self-discovery. Successes.

I have never spent so much time alone in all my life, I’m used to having people around me all the time. I’m a social creature by nature so this was something I was not used to. I work from my home so for 5 days of the week, I essentially interact with no one in person. There is nothing scarier (and freeing) as looking in the mirror every single day. And that’s what I’ve had to do. And it’s been AWESOME!

It’s made me a stronger person inside and that’s kinda cool to discover. Self-reflection is a double edged sword. It can drive you crazy but here’s what it did for me….

I discovered how truly blessed I was. I’m the luckiest S.O.B. on the planet. I’ve got a great kid, I’ve got my health, I’ve got the best job on planet earth and I’ve got a great future (God willing).

Nothing else I really need…Maybe a trip or two to the Caribbean but hey, one can dream ;)

Thank you for being a part of my life and I appreciate everyone who has read this blog, joined one of my businesses, sent me a note and been a part of my journey.

You are appreciated!

Thank you.

My First Ever ‘MeetUp’

I’ve been nose deep into so many books these past few months. It’s a borderline addiction and as much as I love reading, following through on all the advice given in them has proven to be quite the task.

Lots of great tidbits and nuggets but one thing that is suggested in many self development and personal growth books is to do something you have never done before.

Stepping out of your comfort zone!

I’ve been working at home full time for almost a decade now, which essentially means I don’t get out much when it comes to business. So something I’ve wanted to do for a while now is attend an offline ‘MeetUp’ in Edmonton.

I joined MeetUp over a year ago and yup, you guessed it…Had never been to one. Until tonight…


Well, it was a blast. Even though it was branded as an ‘Online Marketing Meetup‘, it was nothing what I expected. The group was very ‘agency’ oriented, meaning most of the folks there worked for a company or dealt with corporate clients,etc.

I have always been a work at home guy. Boxer shorts and a t-shirt is my dress code and of course, the 25 second commute to my home office everyday.

It was cool though to meet others in the city and of course, exchange business cards with everyone. There is such a huge difference between what I do for a living and what these professionals did. Quite an eye opener.

I guess this is a good step for me. A small step but it was completely out of my comfort zone. I’m a social creature but my ‘work world’ has always been separate from my offline life.

Guess it’s time for them to meet and greet :)